Residential Security Fire Protection!

UL Central Station - Security Systems in Cranston, RI Relax  your home is secure.................
Professionals are monitoring your system and will quickly dispatch help when needed. 24 hours a day. Protection from Fire, Carbon Monoxide, Burglary and Environmental Castrophy such as frozen pipes are all handled quickly and efficiently by our staff. Providing service to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in RI, Connecticut and Massachusetts. Our UL central station assures that the highest standards are being met to secure your safety.

 Home Security very easy to use.......................

Technologically advanced and easy to use,a human voice instructs you through operation .using the system can be done by key pad , wireless key fob or from any touch tone phone.Your home security system can be configured
from a basic system to a compleat home automation system including lighting controls and climate control.

          *Built in siren 

Talking Touch Pad - Security Systems in Cranston, RI
talking touch pad
Burglar & Fire Control Panel - Security Systems in Cranston, RI
burglar and fire control panel
Complete coverage and room to expand
Start with basic protection to suit your budget and be able to expand your system to meet future needs. Up to 64 zones and support protection including smoke, carbon monoxide and motion detection for a fraction of the cost of other pricer systems. We make home security affordable and easy to use!
Smoke Detector - Security Systems in Cranston, RI
smoke detector
Residential fire protection.............
Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can alert you at the slightest hint of fire and be a life saver for your family.
Motion Detector - Security Systems in Cranston, RI
motion detector
Have a pet not a problem
Smart motion detectors make up your interior security and can actually tell the difference between
an intruder and a four legged
family member.
Wireless Home Alarm Protection
Wireless security that's dependable, reliable and affordable.........................

Technology so advanced and fully supervised that your system can tell if a window is open, closed and if your batteries are charged. Have a shed with tools and you would like to secure? That can be done by adding wireless transmitters to your security system which is expandable up to 64 zones with individual point zoning.

Wireless Window Sensor - Security Systems in Cranston, RI
wireless window sensor

A portable key pad. Turn your security system or your house lights on and off before entering your home, plus alert police or medical emergency if needed.

Wireless Key Fob - Security Systems in Cranston, RI
wireless key fob

Wireless smoke detector. Connects to your security system to notify fire department for assistance.

Wireless Smoke Detector - Security Systems in Cranston, RI
wireless smoke detector

Have a second home? This device will give you peace of mind when you add it to your security system. Once it has been activated it will notify our central station to alert them of heat loss or frozen pipes in your home.

Low Temp Detector - Security Systems in Cranston, RI

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